91% Polyester 9% spandex 3D knit air spacer fabric

Short Description:

Our item number FTT10206 is a weft knit spacer fabric. It is knitted with 91% polyester and 9% spandex.

This polyester spandex thicker interlock spacer fabric has a fluffy connecting layer in the middle. It’s a three-dimensional structure that allows this spacer fabric to have the same firm and thick characteristics as neoprene but with greater breath-ability and shape support.

This polyester spandex thicker interlock spacer fabric is also called scuba fabric or air mesh fabric. It’s a double-knit fabric that has a smooth touch on both sides. When you cut it, this interlock fabric doesn’t curl. This interlock spacer fabric has the same appearance on both the front and back side.

Spacer fabric also known as sandwich fabric, is a three-dimensional knitted fabric. They are consisting of two separate knitted substrates that are joined together or kept apart by spacer yarns. Spacer fabric can accelerate the discharge of body heat, sweat, and moisture through the siphoning effect, diffusion effect, and transmission effect, and the air can flow in the middle to form cooling, achieving dryness, cooling, heat conduction, comfort, and other effects.

Spacer fabrics are widely used for bedding furniture, automobile and locomotive accessories, automobile and locomotive seat covers, hard hat liner, outdoor work kits, luggage inner bags, back pockets, portables, pencil cases, office chairs, back cushions, baby car, sports shoe material, backpack etc.

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91% Polyester 9% spandex 3D knit air spacer fabric

Item No.



Width (+3%-2%)

Weight (+/-5%)


Spacer Fabric



91%Polyester 9%Spandex

Technical Features

Thermal retention, Firm Shape, Breathability.

Available Treatments

Moisture Wicking, Anti-Bacterial, Fire Retardant.

Why Choose Us?


Texstar adopts high quality fibers to ensure the performance and quality of our spacer fabrics exceed international industry standards.

Strict quality control to ensure that the spacer fabric utilization rate is greater than 95%.


Strong design and technical team with years of experience in high-end fabric, design, production, and marketing.

Texstar launches a new series of spacer fabrics monthly.


Texstar aims to continue to create maximum value for customers. We not only supply our spacer fabrics to our customers, but also provide excellent service and solution.


With 16 years’ experience for knit spacer fabrics, Texstar has professionally served 40 countries clients worldwide.


Factory direct selling price, no distributor earns the price difference.

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