100% Polyester tricot mesh fabric for laundry wash bags storage bags

Short Description:

Our article number FTT19102 is a tricot weaving mesh fabric. It is knitted with 100% polyester.

Tricot is a kind of warp-knit fabric. The tricot fabric has continuous lengthwise columns of loops that is different with weft knitting. Tricot fabric has each needle loop its own thread. When you feel tricot fabric, you will find the surface on the face is smooth and the back on textured. The knitting method makes tricot fabric not snag or run easily. It is a durable knit structure.

Our tricot mesh is an breathable mesh fabric. It has a series of tiny wavy eyelets, which let air flow easily. It is an idea mesh fabric for laundry wash bags, storage bags, inning etc. Durable fine-weave breathable mesh fabric is made to last and stands up to repeated washing and drying.

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100% Polyester tricot mesh fabric for laundry wash bags storage bags

Item No.



Width (+3%-2%)

Weight (+/-5%)


Tricot Mesh




Technical Features

Durable, Breathable.

Why Choose Us?


Texstar adopts high quality fibers to ensure the performance and quality of our tricot mesh fabrics exceed international industry standards.

Strict quality control to ensure that the tricot mesh fabrics utilization rate is greater than 95%.


Strong design and technical team with years of experience in high-end fabric, design, production, and marketing.

Texstar launches a new series of tricot mesh fabrics monthly.


Texstar aims to continue to create maximum value for customers. We not only supply our tricot mesh fabrics to our customers, but also provide excellent service and solution.


With 16 years’ experience for tricot mesh fabrics, Texstar has professionally served 40 countries clients worldwide.


Factory direct selling price, no distributor earns the price difference.

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